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  • Los Angeles Computing Circle (LACC) gets some press here. LACC website is here.
  • Gate-length biasing – a design-aware manufacturing technique co-invented by Prof. Gupta reaches the Trillion Watt Hour energy saving mark. See the press release here. This: [?] and this: [?] paper formed the basis of the company Blaze DFM, that Prof. Gupta co-founded.
  • SRC issued a press release on the recent “Design-Dependent Process Monitoring” work in Nano CAD Lab. See the press release here. Read the related ICCAD 2010 paper here: [?] .
  • UCLA is part of the team winning one of the NSF Expeditions in Computing! See here. Work done in Nano CAD Lab was the primary driver behind the expedition. See the press release here.
  • Brief EETimes coverage of an IEDM talk by Prof. Gupta is here. The talk slides are here
  • Some EETimes coverage of an old ICCAD tutorial Prof. Gupta had given is here and here.