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Snippet Tutorials

Title Speaker Date
Introduction to GPU: CUDA Programming ModelAashish Pant 09/24/2009
Pseudo Random Number Generators Lerong Cheng 10/07/2009
Mosfet: Introduction [Video] Mosfet: Introduction [Slides] Tuck-Boon Chan 10/14/2009
Matching in Analog Circuits [Video] Matching in Analog Circuits [Slides] Viswakiran Popuri 10/28/2009
Introduction to Random Yield Modeling [Video] Introduction to Random Yield Modeling [Slides] Rani S. Ghaida 11/12/2009
Mask Inspection [Video] Mask Inspection [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 11/18/2009
Interconnect RC Extraction [Video] Interconnect RC Extraction [Slides] Amarnath Kashibhatla 12/02/2009
Nonlinear Programming Overview [Slides] John Lee 01/20/2010
Simulated Annealing [Slides] Santiago Mok 01/27/2010
Monte-Carlo Optimization [Slides] John Lee 03/01/2010
Introduction to E-Beam Direct Write and Implication for Design [Slides] Rani S. Ghaida 03/10/2010
Valgrind Debugger [Slides] Santiago Mok 04/07/2010
Highlights from SPIE 10 [Slides] Tuck-Boon Chan 04/14/2010
Introduction to Dynamic Programming [Video] Introduction to Dynamic Programming [Slides] Amarnath Kashibhatla 04/21/2010
Spintronics [Video] Spintronics [Slides] Tuck-Boon Chan 05/19/2010
Review of Layout Compaction Methods [Video] Review of Layout Compaction Methods [Slides] Rani S. Ghaida 11/30/2010
Aerial Imaging I [Slides] Aashish Pant 07/14/2010
Aerial Imaging II [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 07/21/2010
Highlights from DAC 2010 [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 07/07/2010
Power Gating Implementation [Slides] Charwak Apte 02/01/2010
NBTI Introduction [Video] NBTI Introduction [Slides] Tuck-Boon Chan 05/10/2010
Quasi-Monte Carlo [Slides] John Lee 10/22/2010
FPGA Place and Route [Video] FPGA Place and Route [Slides] Santiago Mok 02/09/2011
Network on Chip Introduction [Slides] Parag Kulkarni 10/12/2010
Power Benefits of Imprecise Arithmetic [Slides] Parag Kulkarni 02/17/2010
Thermal Issues for 3D ICs [Video] Thermal Issues for 3D ICs [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 02/16/2011
Razor for error-tolerant architecture Liangzhen Lai 09/22/2010
Calibration of Setup and Hold Times I [Slides] Chia-Hao Chang 04/7/2011
Writing 1 - from Strunk and White [Slides] John Lee 04/18/2011
Writing Lesson II [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 04/20/2011
Review of SPIE Advanced Litho'11 (Double patterning) [Slides] Rani S. Ghaida 04/20/2011
Highlights from SPIE'11 [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 04/20/2011
Calibration of Setup and Hold Times II [Slides] Chia-Hao Chang 04/27/2011
Writing Lesson - Strunk & White Chap 2 Part II Rani S. Ghaida 05/07/2011
Inverse Lithography Abde Ali Kagalwalla 05/11/2011
Programmable Logic Arrays Liangzhen Lai 06/24/2011
Estimation John Lee 06/28/2011
Behavioral Approach Modeling Liangzhen Lai 07/13/2011
Scratchpad Memory [Video] Scratchpad Memory [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 07/27/2011
Divide and Conquer and Branch and Bound [Video] Divide and Conquer and Branch and Bound [Slides] John Lee 08/3/2011
Fracturing [Slides] Ankur Sharma 09/21/2011
Dynamic Power Management in presence of workload and hardware variations [Slides] Ankur Sharma 10/19/2011
DC_DC Switching Converter [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 11/30/2011
Why use the GNU Debugger John Lee 12/07/2011
Parallel Computing [Slides] Ankur Sharma 01/17/2012
Local Interconnect [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 01/31/2012
ERSA: Error Resilient System Architecture [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 2/7/2012
Introduction to Directed Self-Assembly and Application in Nanomanufacturing [Slides] Rani S. Ghaida 03/27/2012
Lagrangian relaxation [Slides] John Lee 04/17/2012
Transactional Memory [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 05/22/2012
Causality: A very brief tutorial on Prof. Judea Pearl’s Turing award winning work Abde Ali Kagalwalla 10/22/2012
Hierarchical Layout Operations [Slides] Yasmine Badr 12/3/2013
Software Implemented Fault Tolerance [Slides] Ankur Sharma 12/10/2012
Introduction to Adiabatic Logic [Slides] Yasmine Badr 02/05/2013
Micro-architecture Level Accurate Modeling of Permanent Hardware Faults [Slides] Ankur Sharma 04/23/2013
Mutliple E-beam Lithography : REBL [Slides] Yasmine Badr 05/1/2013
Magnetoelectric Random Access Memory :MeRAM [Slides] Shaodi Wang 02/11/2013
Integrated Circuit Design with NEM Relays Shaodi Wang 05/21/2013
Memristor in Learning Neural Networks [Slides] Shaodi Wang 01/20/2013
An Introduction of Clock Gating Implementation in Architecture/Microarchitecture [Slides] Liangzhen Lai 10/08/2013
Self-Aligned Quadruple Patterning [Slides] Yasmine Badr 10/29/2013
Highlights from ASP-DAC 2014 [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 2/05/2014
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014 Highlights [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 5/13/2014
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014 - DSA [Slides] Yasmine Badr 5/27/2014
A Brief Tutorial on Bitcoins [Slides] Abde Ali Kagalwalla 6/24/2014
Overview of Map Reduce [Slides] Yasmine Badr 10/08/2014
Layout Region Query Algorithms and Data Structures Yasmine Badr 03/02/2015
Deep Learning [Slides] Yasmine Badr 06/23/2015
Manufacturing of Flexible OLEDs [Slides] Yasmine Badr 07/21/2015
Digital Light Processing (DLP) Lithography [Slides] Yasmine Badr 08/14/2015
Electromagnetic-based Side Channel attacks Yasmine Badr 10/28/2015
Hardware Implementation of NN [Slides] Yasmine Badr 12/09/2015
Tensor Flow [Slides] Yasmine Badr 01/19/2015
Resonant Clocking [Slides] Saptadeep Pal 11/18/2015
Hybrid Memory Cube [Slides] Saptadeep Pal 10/26/2016
2016 IEDM Summary Shaodi Wang 02/10/2017
Hardware Architectures for Deep Neural Networks [Slides] Shaodi Wang 06/28/2017
Meltdown and Spectre Attacks [Slides]Wojciech Romaszkan01/30/2018
Event-Based Cameras and Tracking [Slides]Wojciech Romaszkan05/12/2020
Scientific Color Palettes [Slides]Wojciech Romaszkan11/03/2020
TCL Tutorial [Slides]Wojciech Romaszkan01/11/2022