How do I get started?

To get started, download the X-Mem binaries (or you can compile your own X-Mem program) from here. Next, run the desired options but make sure you include the "-f [filename].csv" bootflag to export the results to a csv file. Upload the csv file and it will be updated.

Regular Graph: Graphs the throughput read or latency read against the working set size. Enabled in default settings.

Latency v. Throughput: Graphs the latency read against the throughput read speed provided a working set size. To obtain these results, run X-Mem with at least 2 working threads using "-j [# of working threads]" or run the Exhaustive Benchmark extension to include a detailed benchmark with all options. This is required to allocate multiple threads to perform simultaneous benchmarks.

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Original Graph

Throughput Read vs. Working Set Size
Latency vs. Working Set Size