Undergraduate and K-12 Student Involvement

Undergraduate Student Projects

At any given time NanoCAD Lab has 1-3 undergraduate student researchers involved.

Current Undergraduate students in the lab.

  1. Aidan Wilson <aidanrwilson@gmail.com>. Mentor: Yasmine. Working on overlapped shot fracturing for 3d printers.
  2. Andrew Deng <dsyandrewdeng@gmail.com>. Mentor: Yasmine. Working on implementing slicing approaches for 3d printers.
  3. Tianmu Li <litianmu1995@ucla.edu>, Mentor: Shaodi Wang. Working on NV-FPGA and VC-MTJ based stochastic computing.
  4. Brandon John Toy <bjtoy@ucla.edu>, Mentor: Saptadeep Pal. Working on bit-stream analysis and synthesis for stochastic computing.
  5. Yizhang Wu <wuyizhang@ucla.edu>, Mentor: Wei-Che Wang. Working on Antenna PUF fabrication and measurement.
  6. George Li <lzqgeorge@hotmail.com>, Mentor: Wei-Che Wang. Working on UNBIAS PUF FPGA implementation and measurement.

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High-School Student Projects

Current High School students engaged in the lab

  1. Ian Chang <ichangschool@gmail.com>. Mentor: Mark. Currently porting X-Mem (The Extensible Memory Benchmarking Tool) to Mac, iOS, Android, and the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

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Los Angeles Computing Circle

Supported by NSF Variability Expedition, Prof. Mani Srivastava, Prof. Lara Dolecek and Prof. Puneet Gupta are setting up an all- year weekend + summer program to introduce high school students to wide applicability of computing. See the LACC website here.

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